Thursday, July 7, 2011

Body Bomb: Not a Surprise?

Caught the ABC news report on Al Qaeda potential looking to use the human body as a bomb by surgically implanting explosive device capsules into the stomach cavity, I believe and then detonating them on an airliner or as part of an assassination attempt against world leaders. While the news media reports this as some kind of earth shattering revelation…hailed as a new tactic that Al Qaeda may employ to bypass the new security measures at airports, I’m not so sure. Haven’t drug mules throughout Latin America used similar processes to get drugs into the United States for years? I think there may have even been a documentary on the practices of drug mules by a noted filmmaker that came out a few years ago, I’ll check on that and post the documentary in comments if I find any information on it.

To the person who has analyzed terrorist groups and tactics, it should surprise no one that Al Qaeda and individual terrorists are attempting to devise unique methods to attack American and Western interests throughout the world. While I appreciate the news media bringing these types of threats to the attention of the American people, shouldn’t we even feign surprise at anything Al Qaeda and other organizations are trying to do to create fear and anxiety within an already anxious populace? Any organization that turns jetliners into bombs and kills three thousand people is clearly quite adaptive and can embrace and change tactics as numbers and capabilities increase and decrease. I understand that not everyone has a Bachelors Degree in political science and has read various books on terrorist groups and political violence throughout the world, but almost ten years after 9-11 and thirteen to fifteen years since the African embassy bombings that put Al-Qaeda on the map, why are we still surprised by anything Al Qaeda does?

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