Friday, July 15, 2011

Do I need to Unthaw Harry Truman?

The current squabble over the raising of the American debt ceiling has led me to question where is the strong leader who can make the tough decision ? I could’ve picked any number of United States presidents here…Nixon and Reagan also knew how to make a tough decisive decision on complicated matters, but neither man confronted the idea of dropping an atomic bomb on another country that killed hundreds of thousands of Japanese. Truman had to know the consequences of such an action, yeah the war ends, but thousands of people die? Having never read Truman’s memoirs, I can’t verify this, but I suspect Harry Truman was troubled by this choice, but he made it because he felt it had to be made. A land invasion of Japan during World War II would’ve been an unmitigated bloodbath for the Americans, Soviets, and any allied country involved in such an exercise. Truman thought for better or worse, the bomb was the best option. It was decisive, which is not something I can say for any current member of Congress.

All I hear is a group of six years squalling back and forth like they’ve been hit on elementary school playground. No one seems ready to step up and say “We’re doing this, now get your butts in line,” everyone’s too worried about their political future or displeasing the constituents. Do any of these people understand the problem they are going to have if they are branded the group that sent the American, and perhaps global economy into the much feared double dip recession? You’ll be consulting by 2013, that is, if the consulting world even wants you. It’s the same on both sides of the aisle, America needs a leader, now is someone going to step up, or do I have to dig up an ex-President and bring him back to life Frankenstein style ?

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