Saturday, July 9, 2011

Beware of the Rhetorical Sword---Lest you Fall Upon It

I’m not Barack Obama’s biggest fan, but let me offer a message to every single one of his Republican challengers who have begun their quest to make him a one term president…be very careful with that rhetorical sword because you just may be forced to fall upon it, should you happen to occupy the White House. Candidate Obama assailed the Bush White House for scores of failed policies such as the fabled Bush tax cuts on the wealthiest Americans, yet has continued the tax cuts. Promised a meaningful effort at deficit reduction with as of yet few tangible results, and pledged a change in how we conduct the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, where many of the policies issued under George W. Bush have remained in effect with some alterations.

Lest this be labeled, an anti-Obama diatribe, George W. Bush in his candidacy earned the support of many senior military leaders by declaring during debate that the military was over-extended during the Clinton years, and that he would not engage in nation building.” Such statements seemed a fit of tragic comedy eight years later as American troops where bogged down in Afghanistan and Iraq as fragile governments tried to stand on their own two feet amid violent sectarian insurgencies. Most people understand that candidate promises during election season are hit or miss and aren’t going to hold every single broken promise against the candidate, but as we gear into another political attack season, I question the Republican field “Be careful how you attack the president because its’ quite likely that you will end up falling on your rhetorical sword…every candidate turned president knows this reality all too well.

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