Sunday, July 24, 2011

To all the Harry Potter Fans...

Whom I may have offended with my post Harry Potter and The Generational Moment. After great deliberation and reflection, I decided that I was not respectful of the opinions of my blog commenter's that I claim to hold in such high esteem. In addition, I further disrespected the honest opinion of a Harry Potter fan who compared the last Harry Potter movie to the Beatles breaking up. For those lapses in judgment, please accept my sincerest apology and my hope that you will continue to visit my blog.

My intention was to think about historical moments that defined generations like 9/11, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, just to offer a few examples. Judging by the comments though, it ended up coming across as though I was denigrating Harry Potter and the memories that Harry Potter fans had shared with these characters, which was never my intention. In my short sidedness, I was blinded to the reality that so many people slipped from childhood to adulthood through the ten year run of Harry Potter books and movies. All of us have things that bring us back to our childhoods and these should be respected, not dumped upon.

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