Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Syrian Al Qaeda Dilemma: U.S. Style

Now that we covered the Al Qaeda dilemma from the Syrian rebels perspective, what does the United States say about it?
 I would have to believe that the United States is deeply concerned about the Al Qaeda presence in Syria, but what options are truly available?
Sure, you could increase weapons to the rebels, but who knows how many are going to be left by the time the resources are marshaled together? Meanwhile, there is no appetite for US troops on the ground in Syria---either in Congress or Main Street.
The best that the United States may be able to hope for is that this finally galvanizes the international community to act in some sort of concerted action.
Absent this awakening, I fear the United States may have to be bitterly content with the Al Qaeda presence in Syria because the current American political realities make it impossible to do anything meaningful.
No politician is going to send troops in an election year—and sending more weapons implies a time element that we don’t have.

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