Saturday, August 11, 2012

Two Koreas Meet at The Pong Table

A notable event occurred at the Olympics last week when the North and South Korean ping pong teams met over the ping pong table.
The match won by South Korea is unlikely to have the same effect as the historical U.S.- China ping pong diplomacy during the 1970’s because the countries have grown further apart since the death of Kim Jong IL, though to be fair relations have never been spectacular in the years since one Korea, became two.
Not sure whether this speaks to the sad state of relations between the two Koreas, or the true glory of the Olympics that we can get a moment that probably won’t be repeated anytime soon.
 The two countries are far apart economically and socially and a series of weapons launches and military exercises would seem to indicate that the two sides will not be meeting for tea anytime soon.
It’s really quite sad that the two Koreas can only meet at the business end of a ping pong table.

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