Saturday, August 18, 2012

Linda McMahon: Political Force or Political Farce?

Former professional wrestling executive Linda McMahon won the Republican Senate Primary in Connecticut on Tuesday night. Does this victory indicate the political strength of Linda McMahon or the relative weakness of the Republican Party in Connecticut?
The Republican Party in Connecticut is in sad shape, if they are willing to give Linda McMahon another shot at a political office.
Sure, she has business expieriance having been the CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), but the problem is that she was the CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment.
WWE is a lightning rod because of its’ perceived nature as a low brow and carny form of entertainment. Years’ worth of tasteless WWE skits featuring nudity and crude humor combined with the out of ring scandals that have plagued the company.
The Democratic opponent will have a ready made campaign ad in five minutes.
The likely outcome here is a double digit Linda McMahon loss and a pile of wrestling fans praying she never tries again.

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