Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Colorado Theater Massacre: Thoughts From A Day After

I was shocked to learn of the Colorado Theater Massacre when I checked my Facebook and found a friends status.
I’ve been watching the news coverage for a day now. The stories from the survivors and those who knew people who died are heartbreaking.
It’s okay be sad, but if all we manage to get out of this tragedy is a few moments of sadness than we’re really a screwed up country.
I believe that there’s something deeper and more meaningful that we can take from this tragedy than being sad or outraged.
Now is a time for personal reflection.
Life is a fragile thing that can be gone at a moments notice. I’ve been taking the last twenty four hours and reflecting on what exactly I’ve been doing with the life that I’ve been given.
It is my hope through personal reflection and reexamining life, that some good can come out of such tremendous tragedy.

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