Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sudan: Protests You Don’t See

Sudan is not without its own problems.
The twin action of South Sudan severing its’ oil lifeline in January and international economic sanctions have done damage to the economic might of the regime of Omar al-Bashir.
 Bashir’s government appears bound and determined to continue the regimes various unpopular wars throughout the country, including the conflict in Darfur.
To continue these wars,  the Sudanese government has instituted austerity measures. This is occurring while the cost of living for the Sudanese civilian rises.
So why no media coverage? A number of ideas have been proposed including revolution fatigue, the complexity of the Sudanese conflict, and the vilification in the press of Sudan for its’ actions in Darfur.
 I’d like to propose another option: a lack of American involvement.
 In Syria, the United States has released several statements and attempted to rouse the international community at the United Nations.
 There has been no such outrage over the ongoing events of Sudan. The stories featured on the network news revolve around some type of American interest. Without an American interest, the media simply won’t care.

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