Saturday, July 7, 2012

Al Qaeda Goes Norwegian

Anti-terror officials are warning citizens to be vigilant in the face of the latest potential Al Qaeda plot.
Al Qaeda has apparently recruited and trained a Norwegian citizen to carry out an attack on an airliner.
Al Qaeda leaders understand that counter-terrorism officials have a stereotype of the typical Al Qaeda member: Middle Eastern male between the ages of twenty and thirty with a lower to middle class background.
That Al Qaeda has sought to break the mold is not surprising, and is merely part of the human chess match that occurs between terrorists and counter-terrorism officials.
I worry that there isn’t so much an imminent attack, as it is Al Qaeda sending out some chatter just to see how the international security establishment will react.
By changing the type of person that security officials are looking for, Al Qaeda has planted the seed of doubt because we now have two types of terrorist to look for.
Maybe Al Qaeda is hoping to provoke an overreaction by the security establishment that will potentially land Al Qaeda more recruits from the Scandinavian region.

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