Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Colorado Theater Massacre: A No Politics Zone?

Absent President Obama’s statement on the Aurora Colorado theater massacre to a crowd gathered for a campaign rally in Fort Lauderdale that  came across on television as insensitive, the political campaigns have been largely muted minus the statements of condolence and sympathy from both campaigns.
This is a refreshing development because there are things in life greater than politics. The last thing anybody wants is to hear when thousands of people had their lives ruined is what an ass the other candidate is.
This the way things should work in the face of a national tragedy. There should be nothing political about death. There is nothing to be gained from playing politics at a time like this.
I’m sure we’ll get back to debating the economy, gun control, and Romney’s role at Bain Capital, sooner rather than later, but it felt good to know that we can still come together in a time of crisis.

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