Monday, March 12, 2012

Serbia: EU Candidacy

Serbia is set to become an official candidate for European Union membership. The Serbian government has reached an agreement with the government of Kosovo that would allow government representatives to attend regional gatherings, even though Serbia still refuses to recognize Kosovo’s independence.
 Serbia still needs to undergo the complex process of administrative, judicial, and economic reforms common to post-Communist countries wishing to become EU members. It is estimated that the earliest Serbia could become an EU member is 2020. The question is: Does Serbia need the EU or vice versa?
Serbia has seen ascension to the European Union as a grand prize for many years. EU membership would provide the Serbian government with opportunity to express their democratic credentials. Serbia could also use the financial support the EU provides to member countries.
Adding Serbia to the EU ranks would offer a boost to an organization that has been besieged by debt from member states in recent months that threatens to unravel the entire notion of a European Union.
Bringing another country with financial difficulties into the European fold does not sound like a prudent idea, considering Europe’s financial plight.

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