Sunday, March 25, 2012

Afghanistan: When Quarans Burn

The recent Quran burning by a group of US troops at Bagram Air Base and the subsequent protests that took place on the streets of Afghanistan have shined a disturbing light on a continued American insensitivity to the Afghan culture that is only adding to the difficult task of our mission there.
Afghanis are already enflamed over the continued use of nighttime air raides on family compounds and see the continued presence of American troops on Afghan soil as a humiliation. It is my fear that the recent burning of the Quran coupled with the recent massacre will send Afghanistan into an ethnic inferno.
Given the many recent missteps in Afghanistan, it seems wise to ask the question whether we should disengage from Afghanistan. There is a huge trust gulf between the military forces and The Afghan people that will only be emboldened with our continued presence.
 If we continue to disrespect the Afghan culture, whether we deem it rational or not. If we can’t accomplish trust and mutual respect than any mission we are hoping to accomplish becomes mute and pointless.
The American mission may lose itself in a cloak of imperialism, if we aren’t careful.

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