Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Syria: When Peace Goes Dead

The international community was divided on Syria and its’ earned us a front row seat for the civil war. Last Thursday, a series of suicide bombings struck Damascus killing fifty-five people.
 Even the suicide bombing itself has divided the international community. Russia blamed the forces against Bashar al-Assad, while the U.S. blamed the Assad regime itself.
 This bombing also raised the specter of an Al Qaeda entry into the conflict because the twin car bombing during rush hour bears the hallmark of an Islamic extremist organization—per Christian Science Monitor reporting.
If the international community cannot come together and stop pointing at each other as though they’ve just spilled ketchup on a shirt, then we have effectively doomed Syrians to a trial between two tyrannies: Islamic extremism and the al Assad regime.
Absent a consensus, I have but one question to ask the people of Syria—with noted regret—which tyrannical apparatus do you choose Assad or Islamic extremism? Or does it even matter who kills you? Just a very sad commentary, all around folks.

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