Thursday, April 5, 2012

When News anchors win Primaries

Another funny thing occurred locally during the Illinois primary as veteran television news anchor Steve Stadelman won the Democratic primary for the Illinois State Senate 57th District. What made this accomplishment even more notable, was that he defeated Dan Lewandowski, a former chairmen of Winnebago County Democratic Party, who had been endorsed by the party.
 The crushing twenty plus point victory for Stadelman is particularly surprising given that primaries are typically partisian affairs. I would’ve thought that Lewandowski would’ve done better among this group of voters.
What is says in the larger picture is that voters are tired of politics as usual. They saw Lewandowski as a brand of Democratic party and have grown disillusioned with what they perceive as mismanagement by the two political parties.
 This mismanagement is particularly hard felt in the state of Illinois where we are billions of dollars in debt and the career politicians appear content just to punt the football down the road for another day.

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