Thursday, April 5, 2012

Romney’s endorsement Binge

Mitt Romney has been the recipient of a quite a number of big endorsements lately. In the last few weeks, he’s picked up the endorsements of George H.W. and Jeb Bush. Additionally, he secured the endorsement of Tea Party favorite, Marco Rubio in Florida.
These endorsements may soothe the anxieties among the Republican party faithful. But does a such closing of the ranks actually do much to help Mitt Romney at the ballot box, particularly during the November general election, given the political disillusionment in America?
Although I still maintain that endorsements don’t really matter. Romney’s people are being very smart in that many of his endorsers are popular figures without firm ties to the current ties in Washington.
This allows Romney to portray himself as the Washington outsider, yet give him some credibility as someone who can undertake the difficult task of being President of the United States.
 The news media has made a big deal out of the lack of sitting Republicans endorsing candidates…
With all the mistrust and hatred of Washington D.C. politicians would you want to be known as the “ESTABLISHMENT candidate for President”?

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