Friday, November 4, 2011

Soylent Green's Population Lesson

For those unaware, Soylent Green is a apocalyptic science-fiction  movie staring Charlton Heston that came out in 1973. Heston stars as a police detective who is trying to solve a murder on an overcrowded planet in the year 2022 and makes a shocking discovery about Soylent Green-the chief means of feeding this rapidly expanding population. I won't spoil the ending, although I highly recommend you guys rent it.

Soylent Green, though exaggerated in its' ultimate conclusion, does raise the perfectly valid and worrisome issue of how do we feed a growing population? The U.N. announced that the 7 Billionth person would be born this week. That's a lot of people to feed. With any luck, we won't resort to the Soylent Green method.

With all the greed running around in this world though, maybe we're not as far from Soylent Green as we think.  

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