Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Debt and Truth

Watching both political parties point fingers and chirp like discontented birds at five in the morning over the debt ceiling and the impending crisis that would occur should it not be raised has caused me to take a giant step back to inject a little candor into the debate. The basic truth of the matter is that neither political party no matter how much hot dragon breath rhetoric they'd like to spew towards the masses or bodily appendages they'd like to point is exactly in the moral high ground when it comes to debt. Bill Clinton left office with a small surplus of money, George W. Bush engaged in two wars that cost billions of dollars, and Barack Obama passed a questionable economic stimulus We've had three presidents over the last eighteen years; both parties have controlled the so called purse at various times, so this partisan red-blue point the finger bull will find no audience here. There is no sainthood when it comes to debt, both parties are to blame and if Congress and the President can't get together on a deal, then you can all find new jobs.

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